Caught a duo of buddies cheating...

So, today while playing a friendly game of flood, it comes down to two people being left (and not anywhere to be found) ; until I notice people dying as they enter a room, it seems as if two people have no-clipped into walls and ceilings, where not a single flood can touch them (even if they wanted to, which they do, of course!). How do I go about getting these people banned from the game? It’s absolutely stupid for anyone else to have to put up with them.

yeh its the glitch on top of the door that people are using, a few maps have places where u can just simply hide in a rock or wall…

so stupid

It’s been a while since I last played in the Haloverse, just now resurrecting myself with H4. That being said, couldn’t you just render a video after watching it in theater from their point of view, and show that they were hacking?

Edit: Also, what Drunken said. It could just be one of the many map glitches, not a case of hacking like I said.

Go to there gamertag and out file complaint. Put cheating or whatever is there. Will it get them banned? Idk.

If enough people leave them negative feedback (cheating) xbl would investigate it

What I find amazing is how people can play in the single most casual playlist there has ever been, and feel the need to cheat in order to win.


Take note guys, I never stated they were hacking, but rather just exploiting things within the game, which is still just as bad as if they were hacking if you ask me…

I’ve never seen what the issue was/is in taking advantage of the flaws in halo games. If bungie or 343i decide that a map is finished, and than put it into the rotation in match making, why is it that finding a glitch in the map (or cranny to slide int reprehensible? So what it pisses a few people off, but so does getting out DMR’d, or needled to death. lets ban those incessant needler wielding n00bs!