Catalyst - well done

A little positive feedback since I’ve divorced myself from all things Battle Pass - Catalyst is a good map. I’ve only just played the first game on it, but I like it. It’s got a very H1/2 vibe to it and reminds me of Longest.

Now, time to get the “big round room” back.


Yeah, it’s a great map, think it was inspired by epitaph, nice classic feel to it.

Loving Breaker too :slight_smile:


Credit where credit’s due, the maps so far have been fairly solid, excluding Bazaar and Behemoth.

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The map really is very good. It’s got so many vertical routes, advanced slide boosts, and interesting ways to collapse on any position.

I’m not saying they’re the same, or it’s a remake, but after messing around with it I think it’s interesting that all the running lanes on Catalyst map super super close to the same layout as coleseum from H5. If no one here understands what I mean I may make a small recording to show it.

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I liked the aesthetic of Catalyst over the campaign monotony, but I’m already tired of it as a map. I find myself enjoying maps I used to think were bad (like Behemoth or Bazaar). Maybe it is the lack of light, it just feels oppressive.