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Meta-query response follows:

Due to the volume of queries and limited [cycles] that can be allocated to information retrieval and translation outside of core Juridical and archival functions, the following notes are provided to ensure low-latency and high-quality [customer service].

Queries that require extensive research and [sanitization] are, unfortunately, allocated to a lower priority. Additional requests for information can always be submitted to [system Bravo] for further review.

Query strings do not need to follow standardized forms. Catalog can understand idiomatic speech and many Human idiosyncrasies. However, phrasing requests in a standard form is useful in [thread topics] with many requests competing for attention.

Query strings do not need to attach priorities. However, these are useful in determining allocation of limited resources.

Catalog reviews as many queries as possible, but some topics have been deemed [restricted] or [compartmentalized] by standing Juridical protocols and can not be addressed at this time.

Catalog’s answers are correct as of time of [publication], but users should be aware that reconciliation effects and integrity checks may alter specifics at a later time.

Primary allocation of spare [cycles] towards information retrieval is [Friday] and [Saturday]. Service interruptions may occur during times of heavy caseload. Your patience is appreciated.

Now, would this mean we would redirect any queries here, or ask System Bravo. Or just go about as normal and you chime in when needed?

Edit in:

Query: Do you have access to the ONI Databanks?

Thank you this will be useful for asking questions and so on in the future. Thank you for taking time to make this. I will put a link to this thread in the existing thread as this info is important for everyone to read.

What do you know of the AI construct designated “hydrAI” that was found on shield world Requiem?

Do you know what happened to the Sanghelli called Henry, who was last seen on the Mona Lisa at the remains of Installation 04?

Are the whereabouts of Gray Team known?

Query:What is the current status of Installation 00 ?


> Are the whereabouts of Gray Team known?

I want to know this as well.

also what is the status of Spartan team Black post human-covenant war?

Any information on the whereabouts of the UNSC Rubicon?

What were the remains of Spartan Davis transformed into on the forerunner moon orbiting draetheus V?

Query: What is the current status of the Ur-Didact?

Reason behind Spartan Davis transformation into a forerunner device during battle of Draetheus V on it’s moon X50?

Query: What criteria allows certain humans to be designated as Reclaimers while other humans are not, as evident by failed Covenant attempts to access Requiem systems via kidnapped humans?

Query: How does the Type-33 Needler fire and lock onto it’s targets in air?

We know the Forerunners failed in attempts to un-Compose life, producing mutated, tortured forms. What needs to be in place to render the Composer capable of operating successfully in reverse- constructing biological matter out of digital constructs (say, a beloved Ancilla based upon an extremely intelligent Reclaimer’s brain)?

Questions don’t need to start with “Query”. Catalog has mentioned this.

Too bad Catalog prefers ordinary questions… Phrasing queries using in-universe colloquialisms was lots of fun.

OK, here’s my query. What was the sentient race(s) responsible for the vessel that crash-landed on Installation 04 thousands of years before the UNSC and Covenant arrived in 2552 AD?
Was it Precursor/Flood, early Covenant (Sangheili/San’Shyuum), Forerunner, ancient human, or an as yet unidentified species? Personally, I think the Flood, Forerunner and ancient human theories are illogical.

In a different thread, Catalog, you referenced the sentients as having been Tier 2 and possibly a known species. The only known Tier 2 species in existence during this timeframe were the Sangheili and San’Shyuum, so I suspect them as the most likely candidates. Plus, the mystery ship is purple with green lights, very similar to Covenant tech- particularly the ancient ships shown on the cover of Halo: Broken Circle.

If this information is “locked by Juridical network”, that would suggest that the Covenant or a species belonging thereto are the sentients involved, and Broken Circle will probably reveal more about this.
Of course, it could also imply an unknown species.
Anyway, that’s my question: Who crashed on Installation 04 and disappointed 343 Guilty Spark by never showing themselves?

What can you tell us about the operational status of the Covenant Assault Carrier Shadow of Intent as of March 2558?

Faulty post. Apologies.