Cat ears? Really?

See things like the Hayabusa armor was cool…This feels like those SFM fan made animation videos that are intentionally sexual and on the uwu side of things. The pineapple grenades and flower are also very…questionable.

There’s funny/fun…then there’s out right cringe. Grunts exploding in confetti is doesn’t seem so silly anymore.

Also buying that crap will just encourage this store nonsense. People keep saying “it’s just cosmetics it doesn’t do anything” ight so why you wasting money on it though?

Edit: Going to reemphasize for the supporters who blindly accept anything infinite dishes out , the entire community was raging about the store yes? So why suddenly cat ears makes it ok? Mind you, not only is it too silly for Halo, it’s badly priced. YOU. ARE. ENCOURAGING. BAD . PRACTICE. For something as silly as cat ears? Wonder what’s next. Oh right, ridiculous snowman head is next. Heaven help us. Still wondering why Banished weapons don’t even have skins.


I feel embarrassed for the sad ppl that buy these cats ears…it’s pathetic and should never be in a Halo game. I thought this kind of crap was bad enough on COD but that game and the devs are pure shamelessly cringe…despite all their faults and incompetence, I thought Halo and 343i at least had integrity but that is on the floor in a puddle of piss too. There must have been some behind the scenes staff changes made that allow these kind of decisions to be made.


They should have included a Torso piece that has a Cat Tail wrapped around the Spartans waist. Would have been purrfect for the bundle. Maybe even a “Pounce” stance for the end screen.

Now, they need to make a grunt themed AI for this game. Speaks everything like an actual grunt in the game. That jonse would sell like Hotcakes I bet you.


I completely agree, this new Halo Infinite model is a freaking joke.

This game was crafted for a different type of player.


Imagine a yapyap the destroyer ai lol


Maybe cause they like it? Nofunallowed.jpg


Yeah this game was definitely made to cater to the fortnight kid generation and not the life long halo players. That’s why it’s f2p, has a store with outrageous prices for childish items, extremely limited maps, and servers that barely work… cough… BTB.

343 business model: let’s trash everything Bungie did and do it completely different and that no one likes. Except for the players listed above.


One of the reasons they also ported MCC to the PC. So that if people had issues with Infinite, they could always just go back to that.

Sadly it’s a part of being a business. The old stuff just doesn’t cut it and they have to do something new. Sometimes it goes in a direction others don’t like, but that’s just how things work. This coming from a person who grew up off the original Quake and Arena Shooters…


Meant to cater to the younger generation

Man how wrong can you be if they were we wouldn’t have a campaign or the return to a artstyle that’s closer to the old art style

It’s mainly something to fluff up the store and something for someone to buy also the store will allow us to have new content updates without having us be separated via paid dlcs


The issue is that, F2P games constantly run into this issue. They cater towards some of the fans and release weirder and weirder cosmetics and the game loses its original feel and art style to accommodate.



20 characters…

People who say that are not the ones buying it. There are also millions of people who do not come to these forums or reddit so who’s to know what they feel about the store.

I’m just seeing DBZ on this one. I like.


Cuz I wanna waste my “money” on it! Now check out my ears!


“no fun allowed” yes cause that’s what I said right? Lol y’all need to stop with that cop out defense. There’s funny/fun but the ears are cringe. What Spartan is going into battle against the Banished with Cat ears?


We aren’t. It’s multiplayer.


The art style is being cast aside in favor of Fortnight’s disorganized chaos.


It’s implied they are training/ competing against other Spartans. So spare me that.

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CORRECTION tf2 did it first so it’s tf2ing


People can wear various things while training, but not in the actual fight. The lore argument also went out the window years ago when things started getting added to multiplayer.

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Battle royal coming soon lol