Cat ears have shown that og halo fans have lost the fight

Legit I see them everywhere… so many people have vomited money on this and the price tag is such a rip off. Aside from infinites many issues it is clear as day that anyone who wanted/wants halo to go back to none free to play it’s never gonna happen.

Microsoft is probably making a mint from this barebones experience so much so that what would be the point of going back to the original method?

Corporate greed has won again. gg lads the future of halo is here…

My only question is why do you guys feed this greed?

No answer can be justified so don’t attempt to just give a straight answer.

Edit: I feel I need to clarify my point here. Which is not the cat ears itself, yes they’re the dumbest gimmick ever. But the point that people are willing to pay for this rubbish along with the other store items shows that og halo is thing of past and become another fortnight cod cash grab.

It’s a store with some gameplay on the side.

Also my referral of og halo fans is for “OG” fans the ones who don’t want a bar of the toxic corpo greed.

Edit 2: this has been labeled as spam so it got hidden and I have to edit :man_shrugging: It’s not spam that’s all I have to say…


Have you considered that some OG Halo fans might actually like them? They might be silly but I know something that is way worse. The fart cloud from Halo: Reach.


That was free so no cloud wins


I’ve been playing the franchise for 18 of my 29 years alive. I’d probably be considered an OG Halo Fan. I missed the Halo: CE boat because I had a gamecube lol, but 2 got me to get a whole Xbox.

…Aaaaaand I wear the ears on my Cavallino, proper buppy style.

So… am I not an OG fan? Despite being a Halo fan for very much over half of my life?


It’s cute that you thought ftp was some kind of battle that could have been won by the fans. It’s even more entertaining to see other people still fighting for infinite to go back to paid, like it’s even remotely a possibility, and it would actually solve any of the issues the game has.


pal ive been here for 20 years and I dont mind seeing the cat ears like it shouldn’t be that much of issue and if you say no one can give a straight answer to your post then why make it in the first place if you cant get an answer rom it


No, you’re a goofball intent on destroying the franchise


was that sarcasm there?

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I left in 2012 when 343i pulled a bunch of genuinely awful stuff with Halo. I came back SOLELY for Forge/Custom games/casual play in 2016 when they added Forge. Only once Halo Wars 2 hit the open beta, did I think for a second, they had a single chance at doing right by this franchise… and later they announced Infinite.

and they’ve done a great job.

So no I’m not intent on destroying anything. I just don’t think pointy ears hurts anyone.


Stop crying , and go outside dude. NO one cares.


I’d like to point out that it was a bundle it wasn’t just the cat ears, but that was defintly the largest selling point of the bundle it had 1 coating, a kitty charm and a, KAT Charm so it wasn’t just the ears though I imagine people mostly bought it for the ears… even then it was 10 bucks 10 BUCKS!!, common that’s like really cheap to be honest…
If it was just the cat ears it should have been worth like $5 at most…

The amount of posts about the Cat Ears only proves that this fanbase has a lot of grown-up children more than anything. What was the point in making the 50th post about the same thing? Just go make a comment in one of the other identical posts what is flooding up the forum as if this is a serious issue instead of some BS complaint.

Stupid silly armor has been around since Halo 3 with flaming heads and dorky katanas, all the corky stuff in Halo Reach with the armor effects and skull helmets (including Emile’s “I’m scary face”), the unicorn in Halo 4. Yeah the OG Halo fans sure did not have anything stupid and silly in their games.


I’ve never liked the goofier and more extreme cosmetics, personally. But to pretend that cat ears are the first or most egregious example of this is ridiculous. Hayabusa/Katana, flaming recon, Reach’s armor effects, FOTUS, and MCC Season 8 armors are all great examples of tongue-in-cheek, aesthetic-defying cosmetics in the history of this series.

Yeah, these have the difference of being paid content on a F2P game, but so many “classic” Halo fans have used and loved all of the aforementioned cosmetics since 2007. It’s not a stretch to imagine that a large contingent would enjoy these cat ears.


Ah yes, free fart cloud in a multiplayer experience payed for by a recurring $60 Xbox Live subscription.

No, F2P is way better. OG Halo fan here. I strongly dislike Xbox Live. I’m glad it’s not required anymore.


So charms with a helmet attachment are worth $10 to you?

Do people really just not value their money or have enough pride to say no to a bad deal?


I do think people need to stop giving them money until they fix the game, though I don’t think the cat ears are any stupider than any of the other terrible deals they put in the store.


Because a company makes something people like, and people buy it.

But from a cosmetic standpoint armored cat ears are entirely precedented in a series that brought us Space Ninja armor with katana, skulls stuck in helmets, super soldier unicorns, among other silly equipable concepts.


I see them every time I close my eyes.

Can’t sleep.

So tired…

But nah who cares, people are gonna buy what they want. I’ll happily let someone else pay so I can play for free.


To upset people like you and everyone else whining about it, $10 is worth it…


technically speaking because you didn’t get into the series with CE then no you are not an OG fan, you are a Halo 2 kid lol.

Everybody act hard until they release something to do with cats or dogs then everybody goes nuts lol. We’re all soiled :sob:

The sanctity of Halo is no more brethren. We are approaching the Dark Ages. First they release cat ears, next thing you know they’ll be providing us with actual content :scream: