Casually Competetive Warzone Fireteam

I’m tired of no coordination between my teammates and myself in war zone. I’d like to start a fireteam of fairly serious individuals, with strategic play styles.
I’ll be coordinating the attacks and giving the orders. Second and third officers will be elected, for when I’m not on.
If you are someone who just wants to troll or do their own thing, that’s fine but don’t join this fireteam.
Mustard Man 81 is my gamertag. Add me and we can have some fun games, focused on winning. I look forward to meeting you Spartans.

44th Human Defense Force is always recruiting players who love teamwork, with a bit a of Role-play too. We are a mil-sim Company that uses a Chain-of-Command system with a ranking structure.


  • Working microphone.
  • Legal copy of H5G.
  • Age of 13+.

AguilaOfDeath, Commanding
44th Human Defense Force.