Casualish- Arena/Warzone Company

Our goal is to gather Halo players of all minds into the ultimate fighting force. We play all Halo’s, all gamemodes, everything. Players will describe themselves and will be put into a fireteam with like-minded people, unless they request a certain fireteam. There will eventually be 25 fireteams, 13 Xbox One fireteams, and 12 Xbox 360 fireteams. A group of three fireteams will make up a squad. Each fireteam will have a leader, and each squad will also have a leader. Elitewolf11 is the Company Leader, meaning that everybody will listen to him, but he will give everybody their freedoms. Events will be posted on the calendar. You can also arrange playtimes with anyone whenever you want on the forums page. Lastly, I would ask for no bad sportsmanship. Nobody enjoys it, and everyone will be happier if it doesn’t exist. Halo is just a game. Along with this is a request, plz do not swear. Some people don’t like it and I’m trying to keep everyone happy. The last thing; if you insult other people in our company, I will most likely demote you.

Fireteam Info:
The first people to come into this company will have the choice to be a fireteam leader. They don’t have to accept, but they do get the first choice. You are free to choose what fireteam you want to join, but EliteWolf11 will also suggest a fireteam that has like-minded people.

We are a company of kinda casual players who enjoy playing arena and warzone, although I’m down for some campaign if you set up the time. If nothing else, join for the free req pack! The Demon Hydra

I would love to join you’re Spartan Company! I’m pretty active, and have a decent KD of 1.4 across all game modes. I also thought it was really cool that you even have a website!

I like to have fun. My current group of friends has been invaded by boring weebs, so I need some new people to hang out with. I can acclimate well to most groups, people say I’m funny, and I pride myself in being agreeable, to a degree. I’m not the greatest at Halo, but in terms of skill I guess you could do worse.

hey, welcome guys and I hope you enjoy our clan. We don’t care if you are that good at halo, we just want to enjoy ourselves.