[CASUAL][RANKED][HALO INFINITE][PC][XBOX] Join the Spartan Republic!

Hello Spartans!

We are the Spartan Republic and we’re looking for new members to join our MILSIM!

-If you love to play either casually or competitively you are more than welcome to join
-Thinking your time zone will hinder your ability to play with us? We are an international group with people from mainly USA and Europe!
-Our rank progression system is similar to the U.S Military and we challenge each of our members to improve on all fronts and rank up
-We use strategical play and teamwork in game to help best our opponents
-We are a quick growing milsim , with having 2 big companies after only a week of being open with a third just being started!
-If you love to talk to other members of the Halo community then we have places open for representatives to communicate with other groups/milsims for you to join
-We do weekly Company vs Company matches where each Company plays competitively against each other (this is optional and you don’t have to join in if you don’t want to)
-There is also support for tips and tricks to help everyone get better at the game and we’re starting up training deployments which focuses on helping everyone who turns up to get better at the game no matter of skill level

If you or someone else is interested in joining then message us on Discord: Argon14#2852 or Mace#0776 on Xbox: Argon14#4236 or Chief Mace, and on Steam: Argon14.

Hope to see you Spartans joining the Spartan Republic soon and see you on the battle grounds!