[Casual] Looking for a group of 3-5

Hey everybodaaay

okay so; I’ve tried this before but was rather unsuccessful. So I figured I’d give it another whirl. I’ve become bored with Halo 4 which is semi-depressing. The group I used to play with is rarely on anymore and it’s discouraging having to consistently play with people that don’t have mics/communicate in game.

I’m looking for 3-5 people who enjoy matchmaking in these categories:

Infinity Slayer
Spartan Ops
Griffball (I mean…c’man. It’s Griffball.)

Looking for players who have AND use headsets for proper in game communication.
Skill level is preferably moderate, but I wont rag on you too hard if you’re a scrub :smiley: haha. To make this process easier on myself and gain some background info, if you’re also interested in a casual group please fill in the following information.

I’d like to find people who will be on at least three times a week to get together and pwn some noobs.

So just some general info like this please! I’ll fill in mine to give you the gist.

Gamertag: Mangwurd

How long have you been playing Halo? Pretty much since the beginning but only became horribly addicted when Halo 3 dropped.

Age: 25 (Preferably no children with ragefits and bedtimes ;D)

What days are best for you? Currently open schedule, excluding thurs/fri

What time of the day are you more often online? Daytime: 11-4pm Night: 7- 1am

Favourite game type? Snipers, Slayer, Spartan Ops

Weapon of choice? DMR

Favourite colour?! (kay now I’m just bored…) Blue :smiley:

WOOO. Okay so that’s it. Hopefully I get some good responses. Happy huntin’

Hit me up definitely. Got a 1.2 k/d spread, favorite combo is BR and assault rifle but I work with what I get. Good with any playlist as long as its with a good team with comms. Been playing since Halo: CE (old LAN parties with high school friends who don’t play anymore). I’m 26 mostly on at nights and randomly on weekends. Gt: Sedgefield.

would you be interested in a clan full of casual players? you will always have someone to play with and we do custom matches everyday as well if your into that. we also do tournaments for MC points. if your interested send me a PM and ill give you all the details