Casual Gaming Only!!! No Spartan Company Requests

Hello everyone of the Halo Waypoint Community,
My name is Killahwolf098 or just call me Killah i’m currently seeking players who would like to casual game, I’m also not interested in joining any spartan companies so please do not ask me to join them. I’m just your average 19 year old getting his crap together and would like some friends to game with on my pass time till i head back to school feel free to message me if you are interested and we will go from there. As a informational warning, I don’t tolerate any discrimination, racism, sexism, etc. And i am much a sailor mouth so if you are feint of heart as to what comes out of my mouth then i’m not the fellow gamer for you! Also if you gotta run and do spartan companies feel free to message me or tell me, I understand i ran a few clans and was part of a few gaming communities as well. And remember have fun gaming with me let’s make good memories and have a blast doing it!!! Havea good day, evening or night everyone and hope to hear back from y’all soon!!

Preferred Requirements
-minimum age 16
-Must have a headset
-No Discrimination (it’s common sense)
-Have fun always

Games I play:
-Halo Reach
-Halo Master Chief Collection
-Halo 5 Guardians

Can get a hold of me @
Skype: davealyn
Xbox: Killahwolf098
Facebook: Davyde Stephunyck
Kik: davealyn16

~Killahwolf098 8//16/2017 15:25