casual gamers wanted!

Hey guys i noticed alot of people on halo 4 arnt using mics and im just looking for some fellow gamers to play some halo with that have mics haha! im 19 and from the US and I’m an SR118. Im usually on weekdays at around 4 and weekends it depends but il be on! if you wanna fr me my gt is Mr Darth Vad3r

Hey Mr Darth Vad3r I have just started playing with a headset, if you want to add me my gamer tag is: JILTEDSPARTAN feel free to add me! looking to play so doubles.

sent you a friend request man

I’ll add my name to the list

sent a FR, sucks to be the only one in BTS with a mic. those feels.

im on now guys

I’m a filthy casual, Im not on you levels…

> I’m a filthy casual, Im not on you levels…


> > I’m a filthy casual, Im not on you levels…
> What?..

I want to join you guys but I’m so bad ill be the reason you lose. I need to lift.

its all good man haha

My GT is my name.

It sucks to have NO people on MM with mics, good thing my clan makes people turn mics on when another is present. Anyways I am a good player focused on teamwork and fair play, but I play for fun. Winning is only my side objective. I like to play when there’s more people around, so when we are all ready lets go in a lobby and play some custom games. Good time to get along with the community.

i feel you dude i tried fring you but it didnt work my gt is my name on here too

All “casuals” who want to enjoy playing just for fun, and don’t want to listen to some bug eyed, nostril flarin’, teeth gritin’ intense person yelling at you because you don’t know call outs, don’t go positive, and don’t have a good KD should check us out.

We’re a casual group, not a clan, so we won’t make you go through a “boot camp”, “conditioning” - whatever THAT is 8O , “basic training”, “training wheels time”, “land of make believe time”, “story time”, or any other nonsense.

We don’t make you “wear a uniform”, or change your armor, colors, emblem, gamer tag, or call out.

Who are we?


i tried and got rejected haha

I’m done to play either public or customs, mostly on later afternoons, nights and weekends. Got a new mic coming in this week, but always up to party up. Both casual but want to get into call outs and what not, so let me know if you’re down. GT: mehatt

> > > I’m a filthy casual, Im not on you levels…
> >
> > What?..
> I want to join you guys but I’m so bad ill be the reason you lose. I need to lift.

It’s called “casual” for a reason. Not for the competitive feel. Just for the sake of playing a game for the fun of it.

Count me in. I enjoy the casual side of Halo. I prefer customs over Matchmaking, but all is good when there’s a friend to chat with :wink:

yea guys i like to play infinity slayer, BTS, BTB, and swat!

Yo casual gamers, if you have any amazing clips of halo please send me a pm message on my youtube account.
I have a playlist called the Halo 4 OMG moments. And im looking for new clips to put online everyday.
I also host tournaments in holland on other videogames.
I capture clips in 1080 hd
Here a link to the playlist:

And send me a private message on youtube with your gamertag and the name of the clip in the fileshare that needs to captured

President of Project MrE.


hey, just sent you a friend request. i’ve been looking for some people to play halo 4 with too, most of my friends abandoned halo long ago to go play league of legends or cod. anybody intertested in playing some halo 4 send a friend request to CK Nightmar3