Casual game mode Assault and CTF

This is my first post ever on the Halo waypoint site I have been a long time halo fan since day 1, Im not sure what to expect but I would love to get some support to bring Assault back. Classic game mode played hours of it on the classic maps like Stasis and Tyrant. Does not have to be a competitive game mode just added to the casual game mode. Or even just Capture the flag in its own category. I love slayer but when I play team arena I want some variety of objective games other than Slayer because there is already a dedicated playlist for that great game.

I would love for Assault to return. I had a ton of fun matches playing it on Stasis, and even more so on Tyrant, which doesn’t get to see objective play all too often.

Unfortunately Slayer is so popular that I don’t think there will be a team objective playlist without it in H5, but we can hope for H6.