Casual Competitive Team?

Looking to start a casual competitive team. Probably will need more than 4 players so people can rotate while other are not playing. I work 12+ hours a day and so can really only play max 1-2 hours on the weekdays, and a little during the weekends (usually out during the night time and spend my sunday afternoons watching football). However, always been really into the Halo MLG scene - I think Halo makes for a fantastic competitive game, and thus I’d like to get a group of maybe 5-6 people who I can consistently play with and count on to callout/communicate.

Most likely this will be a diamond level team, onyx could be something to aspire to but by no means needs to be achieved. I think there are a lot of players like me who love Halo for its competitiveness as a FPS but feel alienated by being in the middle between casual players and those who are intense and want to compete in tournaments, etc.