Casual Company recruiting (360 and One)

The Demon Hydra is a new company that needs members. I’ve had some really neat ideas, but we just need members to join. The company has 5 members as of now, but i’m hoping it can grow. (360 AND One players are welcome)

“The Games”
As soon as we get more members, the company will be doing a monthly competitive tournament called “the games”. This will be a round based elimination, and the winning fireteam(s) will be promoted within the company, and in summer 2016 may even get xbox gift cards!

When forge is released in December, The Demon Hydra will be looking for skilled forgers, called “cartographers”, to forge amazing maps for the company. If the maps are good enough, then they will be put into the map roster for “The Games”, and the cartographer(s) will receive a promotion.

The company is split into four person fireteams. Each fireteam will have a leader (the first people to join the company get first dibs on being leaders), and three members. The leader will organize events and playtimes, and come up with strategies for gameplay. During “The Games”, fireteams will be pitted against each other. If you don’t have an Xbox One, or Halo 5, don’t worry! We have fireteams for 360 players AND Xbox One players!

Groups of 3 fireteams will be grouped into squads. This is mainly for competitive warzone play to see who can get the best overall score between the companies.
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