Casual and Competitive Idea: Survival

So I hear a lot of discussion on how some of the pros and the highly competitive players are worried about all the changes or “kept” things from Halo Reach. And I hear a lot how the more casual players don’t mind the changes at all. I hear the “casual” say just wait for the “classic” playlists. But I was thinking about this idea:

You know how Wargames is a simulator for training spartans? It got me thinking (and I have no military background)…if a soldier is trained to know what to do if stranded, alone,etc…they have to adapt without certain equipment. (I’m assuming soldiers have to go through that kind of training in real life). Anyway, what if they have “portals” to TWO different training scenarios and each scenario has various playlists. SO…

You could have a portal which could be called “Survival Infinity” where all armor abilities are gone, weapons are timed (basically the set up HALO 2-3 style) and where you could competitively try to rank up (1-100). Let’s take away 1-50 just for a change. Equipment is pick up only (timed again). Wouldn’t this be good for the really competitive? Within that portal, you could have Survival Snipers, Survival Doubles, etc.

And then the other portal is just called “Infinity” multiplayer where all the changes take place. They could keep a ranking (1-100 ) but have the word or symbol “Infinity” next to the number whereas the other one would have "Survival "next to it (to show the difference of ranking).

Basically, it’s a way to have ranked and social in multiplayer with ONE purpose: to get ready for normal combat and/or prepare for surviving without all the perks, armor abilities…what do you think?

It sounds interesting.

Yes, quite interesting.

i’m sorry, i couldn’t follow that very well
could you summarize that for me?

no seriously, i couldn’t follow it very well
i’m not trolling

it looks interesting…the little bit that i could follow
but i keep thinking of “The Hunger Games: Halo Edition” for some reason

maybe i’m just crazy