Casual and Competetive playlists in Halo 4

Halo Reach ruined things for many of the competetive players in favor of the casual ones. Its great that casual gamers can enjoy the game, but the competetive players are a very important part of the community. I am not very casual when it comes to Halo, or extremely competetive, but I am more oriented towards the competetive side. Halo 4 needs to win back the competetive players that left Halo because of Reach, while not leaving the casuals in the dust. Many of the competetive players hate the new things in Reach like AA’s, bloom, reduced mobility, loadouts, no bleedthrough, and the bad maps. Many (not all) of the casual players either welcome these things, or can tolerate them. Although things like AA’s for example, ruin Halo’s competetiveness, they can make things more fun sometimes. Personally, I would love to see AA’s completely removed from Halo. However, these things can stay for the players that enjoy them by splitting matchmaking into competetive and Social. In competetive, you would have everything from team slayer to swat, to snipers and big team battle. In social, you would have versions of all these base gametypes, plus more like action sack and grifball. This way, competetive players would be pleased and come back to Halo, and casual players would be able to have fun too. This is much like Halo 3. Competetive could have a propour trueskill ranking system so that people could have fair matches and rank up in a way that feels more rewarding. Social can have a credit system so that casual players could rank up in their playlists without having to be very good. This is just an idea that I think should be added. Halo 3 was like this, except in Halo 4, the differences between competetive and social would be far more different. Here are just my ideas for how they should be. Please though, tell me what you think about this and give your ideas. I would love to see what the community has to say, agree or disagree.

Competetive: This would remove all the things that makes Halo less competetive. That means all things that make the game more random. No AA’s, bloom, equipment, loadouts, or anything else similar. A trueskill system would be in place so that players get matched with players of similar skill so that things are fair. Also, powerups should return. They were okay since both teams had an even chance of getting them, only one person has them at a time, teams have to fight for them, they were single use, and they weren’t overpowered.
Also, weapons should be the ones for competetive players. That means no Assault Rifles, Plasma Rifles, or any weapons that involve spraying and praying, or aren’t very skillful (with an exception to power weapons) . Appropriate competetive weapons would be sniper rifles, shotguns, swords, magnums, rockets, rifles (DMR, BR), grenade launchers, and so on. If the weapon takes skill (magnum, sniper), it should be included. Things like shotguns or rockets could be left in because teams would fight to control them and think smart about weapon control just like competetive players do.

Social: This playlists could keep more random things like AA’s but it isn’t neccesary. You would have less competetive versions of the things in competetive playlists. That means all weapons, including the spray and pray assault rifle. It would be fine to have these things so that casual players can just enjoy themselves. A trueskill system isn’t required either. You could level up with credits so that lesser skilled players can rank up too. You could could have things like action sack in it so that you could make good use of AA’s. These playlists would be more for the players that are lesser skilled or players that just want to have a good time without having to play very seriously.

These are just my ideas! Please post what you think. If you like all my ideas, or just like the competetive, social playlists idea, try and spread the word around about them. If the community wants things like this to happen, 343 has to know that this is what we want and that it is important to us. If we keep asking, hopefully 343 will listen. If you don’t agree with this, then tell us your opinion!