Castle siege game mode ideas

So there is fortress siege , capture the flag , Slayer, and infection. But think about this cool game mode idea castle siege, it’s basically were one team is in control of a castle or fortress(this would probably mean a new map needs to be built because when I mean castle/fortress I mean castle/fortress). The team that’s guarding the castle and the castles flag will have powerful weapons and turrets to use but don’t get to use vehicles . The attacking team who needs to get the castles flag back there base will start with basic weapons but get vehicles to use to raid the castle. The main goal of the attackers is to get the flag back to there base and kill the protectors. The protectors goal is simple, they protect the castle and it’s flag until time is up. The protectors and attackers both have unlimited lives until the attackers get the flag to there base, then the protectors will only have one life. The attackers then need to kill the protectors before time runs out. That’s one of my game mode ideas put your ideas and opinions on the comments.