Castle maps not working?

i bought the castle pack about a month ago. im late but w/e.

i just did a google search and see that there’s supposed to be a castle dlc playlist when i go into war games. i dont hav ethat option. and i thought i had played a castle map on btb, but found out they were regular maps that i never played lol.

i redownloaded about 5 times, restarted console. its on the same console i d/l’ed so dont need to transfer license. is 343 gonna do me like that? how do i get past this?

There was castle dlc playlist when castle map pack was relished for two weeks if I remember correctly

The Castle playlist is no longer available. Here’s the current rundown, including where to find Castle maps in matchmaking:

Halo 4 Playlists

And what’s coming up in the near future:

Matchmaking Playlist Calendar