Castle map pack any good?

I was thinking about buying it so I could play in the Castle DLC. Is it any good? I tried the first pack when it was available for a free trial and wasn’t impressed. How is this one? Thanks.

Extremely, you get very good warthog gameplay

In my opinion, the best map pack for Halo 4. The maps are fantastic!

The best BTB maps i’ve ever played. Too bad i’m not a BTB player.

Yes! The castle map pack is the best of the three.

I like them. They are good Objective games, especially Outcast, which makes a good CTF map. KotH is great on Perdition. With Daybreak…CTF and Slayer

They are pretty solid. Too bad they are dlc though and rarely show up in normal playlists even when you are with a pile of friends who all have the dlc too lol

Thanks to everyone who responded. I purchased it, but it’s taking forever to download.

I didn’t care for them but btb is not my thing

Will any of the Castle maps be put into the Big Team Infinity Slayer playlist as selectables, like the Crimson maps were? It seems Outcast at the least is big enough for BTIS.

I’ll say it’s okay. Two maps aren’t well balanced and don’t play well, but I really like Perdition. It’s balanced and has a “Halo 2 feel” which makes it awesome :slight_smile:

Castle is great. It’s nice to see them making an effort to get some sort of big team (well close to big team) objective maps going.