Castle Map Pack and Why it needs to be epic!

If the Castle Map Pack is supposed to be Halo 4’s last DLC (at least so far I think it is) I seriously hope that 343 give it plenty of good maps and new features that will keep people on Halo 4, not just a few new maps, I’m talking new Forge Environments, Multiplayer Map remakes from previous Halo games and maybe even some new additions to the Spartan Armory.

I know that it’s ambitious but hear me out.

So far we’ve had the Crimson and Majestic Map Pack’s. Each one has been given it’s own playlist and has been fairly popular within the first few days of release. As people weren’t terribly fond of Crimson the people in it’s playlist dropped dramatically and it was eventually axed. Majestic is still going alright but eventually I can see what happened to Crimson eventually happening to Majestic. Why? Because these map packs don’t have enough reply value and they don’t have things that players want.

Look at cough Call of Duty Black Ops 2 cough. They’re players get massive map packs. Revolution kept people playing for days on end. 3 new multiplayer maps, an awesome new Zombies map and a brand new weapon. Meanwhile on Halo 4 we’ve gotten 2 new map packs and only 6 new maps in total. None of that fancy stuff that Call Of Duty players get to indulge in, just some new maps.

I’m not saying that they should add in a completely new gun (although that would be cool) I’m just saying that 343 should make the Castle Map Pack fun, innovative and new. So please 343 take into consideration at what I’ve said and make Halo 4’s last map pack worth it. Fans probably won’t care if it costs more, or if it’s a few more gigabytes than usual, just please make this one count!

Adding in things like a few new forge environments, new items to the armory would make all the difference.

Tell me what you think below and have a crack at the poll. Please help me in getting this thread popular. Although some people will disagree with what I’ve said that’s fine as everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

I could see one of the maps being highly forgable, but I doubt we will get a “forge map.” As far as any other new features, it wouldn’t be very smart of 343 to add things to an already unbalanced sandbox.

The most I would hope for, honestly is a new vehicle specific to the new map pack, and even that is a very long shot.

my guess is this will just be another map pack.

i think and i hope they will come with spartan ops season 2 and halo 2 remake HD… with compatible maps for halo 4 from all past halo games like halo CE did.

Castle has already been confirmed to only have 3 maps. It will most likely just be like the other 2 map packs. Seeing how Crimson was a bad start, they really have to nail this one. There’s not a lot of room for more mess ups in general.

I’m lacking the enthusiasm to buy the map pass…

If Crimson was large maps and Majestic was small maps would Castle be mid-sized maps?

> If Crimson was large maps and Majestic was small maps would Castle be mid-sized maps?

Crimson was “mid-sized”.

Halo 4’s sandbox super-sizes everything, because of sprint and insta-respawn.

How bout this.

We get 2 remakes of good maps.

And I’m talking GOOD maps. Maps we all loved. Guardian, Construct, the Pit, etc.

And I’m talking REMAKES. Not re-imaginations. Nothing changes, except maybe a graphical touch up or different look. But not a Blackout-Lockout situation. I wish Bungie didn’t -Yoink- that one up.

And one Forge map. Nothing special, just a lot of terrain. NO PREFABS. Useable water.

If they make a map pack anything close to being like that, I’ll be ecstatic.

It’ll probably be one big map, one small, and one mid-sized. No forge maps. Though that’d be nice.

The 3 Map Packs were planned and worked on before Halo 4 was released. What they’re sizes, gameplay, Forege items, etc… are have been planned on for quite a while.

Castle has been confirmed (before Halo 4 was released) to include just three maps.
One was outside with two small buildings.
One was inside a building with a power core in the middle.
One was inside a giant cave.

The Map Pack playlists die because… The first day, everyone wants to check out the new maps and play them. After the first few days, they can just go to their favorite playlists, and still be able to play the Map Packs. That’s why the Map Pack playlists die. Not because they suck (I doubt quite a few people think Majestic sucked).

I highly doubt Castle is the last Map Pack. I can see, and expect a Cartographer’s Map Pack, and at least one (maybe two) more Map Pack. And then the Halo 2 Anniversary Map Pack (like how they did with CEA).

I hope its more than just three measley maps.

I hope air vehicles are included in the maps. A hornet would be nice…

It is just three maps. But they are hardly “measly.”

There is more to come for Halo 4. Whose to say this is the last map pack? Yes, the last of the announced ones…so far.

Halo 5 is still 2 1/2 years out. I’d be rather shocked if there wasn’t another couple of map packs.

The issue becomes hard drive space. There are some who balked at the amount that Halo 4 needed, considering we had to install one whole disc’s worth of content.

Again, I’d be surprised if Castle was the last DLC for Halo 4.