castle is so well done that....

i got the same feeling from the maps as halo 3, for the first time ever i got the same feeling from a halo game as halo 3, this is the feeling for all the map except the desert one… im not too keen on that one but the other two are proper halo maps that are properly well done, i just had a game on the grass map and we all worked together so well we won the match but in general on these maps everyone seems to be working together more and it just feels right, please keep it up 343!! or infinity should i say :stuck_out_tongue:
who else got this feeling from the castle map pack?

If every other BTB/6v6 map was like these the game would be bearable.

i think that the Castle maps looks amassing
…and i’m not just saying that cause i got 'em for free :stuck_out_tongue:
they look and feel great for BTB and other gametypes

however, as H4 currently stands, with its gameplay, the maps play terribly

for example, a good warthog map like Perdition should encourage WARTHOGS, not sticky spamming

I think majestic and castle both are headed in the right direction.

343 needs to learn that clutter isn’t halo. We don’t need rocks and crates and tunnels everywhere, that’s why outcast just doesn’t work, and also why, although landfall is probably one of the best maps in Halo 4, it just doesn’t feel like Halo.

Ultimately, I think how easy the utility weapons are to use, plus additions like sprint, and the things like jet pack, hinder map design because it forces map designers to weirdly elongate maps, but at the same time break them up with what seems likes illogical and unneeded clutter. This clutter also affects vehicle play negatively.

I don’t think I’ll get that classic Halo feel from a map until what the map designers are designing around also has a classic feel.

Daybreak and Perdition are definitely close, but there is yet to be a map that I love in Halo 4, which is frustrating. Halo Reach had similar problems.

the maps are awesome. so proud of Certain Affinity. The next map pack needs to have 4v4 Sword base style maps though.

I don’t like Halo 3 but I like these maps. :slight_smile:

> the maps are awesome. so proud of Certain Affinity. The next map pack needs to have 4v4 <mark>Sword base</mark> style maps though.

If I’m ever forced to play on Sword Base over and over ever again I’ll just stop playing Halo. Their was nothing good about that map. I still believe that everyone voted for it in Reach because it was the easiest map to camp on.

Actually Halo 3’s maps wasn’t that great. I would pick Haven or Abandon over The Pit or Narrows any day :wink:

I would love to play more on Castle maps, but right now Castle playlist is infested with some serious players fighting for their CSR. That’s just too hardcore for me. I can’t wait til things will calm down, so I can relax and enjoy these maps.

BTW: Swordbase sucks. I would rather see more 4v4 maps in style of Lockout/Guardian/Uncaged or purple donuts like Midship/Assembly/Zealot. I would love to see some human, but not industrial, scenery like Turf or Ghost Town.

CTF on Daybreak and Outcast is a blast.

Daybreak is my favorite, definitely a worthy map.

Yay for positive feels!!!.