Casting female protagonist character for Machinima

Hello, I’m looking for a female voice actress to play the protagonist roll of a character in my machinima series titled “Abandoned”. The Character’s name is Private Alisa Keyes. This is her backstory.

Alisa Keyes, born on Reach, and daughter of Captain Keyes of the pillar of autumn. Progressed through the ranks in the unsc as a marine after her fathers death, and through her ages she grew up with her sister Miranda until the events of halo 3, hearing about the tragedy of her sister’s death was upsetting for her. She attended the funeral on earth held by lord hood and there as a war veteran, the arbiter himself. Months later a discovery of something unpredictable was found by spartan 2 Jason-417. The two met and both attended a meeting by fleet commander Blake. They were then assigned together to an Elite Squad called Sierra Team.

I’m recruiting Female Voice actors who would be interested in voicing such a roll. Any and all help is very much appreciated, thank you.

For more info contact me either through my gamer tag or at my email:

Casting for Alisa Keyes is still going

You might wanna try one of the machinima Discords, mate. You’re not likely to find a female voice actor here…actually, Im not sure how many there ARE left anymore.