Cast your vote to bring back FFA (Rumble Pit)

Please feel free to expound on your vote and discuss this pressing matter. CHEERS!

Maybe you should’ve added a poll, unless you’re willing to count all of our votes.

I made an FFA Elimination gametype. It’s in my file share

They’re obviously going to bring it back. Right now they’re simply trying to force us to play their new gametypes. Not something I necessarily agree with, but I can wait it out.

Yeah I just want a straight rumble pit/ LoneWolf experience.

Done and done.

Of course they should. I really want to play Halo 4 FFA but Regicide sucks. It’s the worst gametype ever.

If it brings back juggernaut than count me in.

regicide is alright but I dont want it permanently for a FFA play list. thats silly

regicide is alright?


hells yes i want rumble pit.

Not a Fan of Regicide… They should make Infinity FFA

We shouldn’t even have to vote to get back the stuff that they removed.

They removed so much and broke promises, one of them being that in Frankie’s words “We’re taking Halo back to it’s Roots”-They couldn’t of done anything more different than that.

I voted for rumble pit.

Also, thank you for making a post that measures and qualifies player feedback in a useful way, instead of one that just uselessly and obnoxiously complains.

Yes. Don’t know why they didn’t have a Rumble Pit/Lone Wolves play list in the first place.

Yes i hate regicide

To be honest I don’t really play free for all game types