Yes!! It’s on

Remember the Unidentified Warzone City Map? Well it’s finally announced. The map looks beautiful and so clean :slight_smile: The map’s name is: Battle of Noctus!
This December’s Update will be huge alongside Forge, maybe this update is a special gift from 343 as a Christmas Presents (who know’s) but I gotta’ say, they are doing so well with this game and their career.- Keep it up! :slight_smile:

This update was announced by B is for BRAVO in their latest blog post.
Maybe see you guy’s in the Battlefield of Noctus.

This update contains the following:

The 90% of Bungie worshippers will pan it all before it even drops (in fact it’s already happened)
The other 10% here who love the game will be happy about all of it.
And then there are the unknown masses who don’t care to post of forums because they are having fun playing the game and don’t have time to argue with angry little entitled trolls who will also love it.