Cartographer Gift take away the team colaboration

I love play Halo 5, And my brother too; we play all the categories on arena together trying to get a good CSR, we tried first on Doubles And then on Breakout, and we noticed something: when we play the 10 match to qualify we get differents ranks, on doubles he get a better rank because he killed more, and on breakout I get a much better rank because I killed more and dead less, 343 said that with the cartographer gift update they was gonna improve the rankings system, Im not agree with this “improve” we are a team no matter who kill more, before I didnt worry if I shoted an enemy and then a teamate gave him the last shot and stole my kill because all togheter play as a team to get a good rank, but now I get frustated for that because I have to worry not only for win but for be the best winner player, 343 is taken the colaboration from us on the most critical mathes, the first 10.


The rank is based off w/l and factors your score placement in matches.
If you win and You have top kills on your team in slayer your going to have a higher rank than the guy who had the least kills on your team.

Why does it do this? Its trying to match you based on skill. Its no fun if the teams are unbalanced. It tries to give you matches you have a 50/50 to win which is also why you can rank up and derank.

If you want to win or progress then that means teamwork. If you k/d farm and lose every time youll end yp with a k/d of 10 and a bronze 1.
The guy at onyx 5 with a k/d of 0.8 is probably a team player.
This is halo. K/d doesnt mean much.

“You may have come in first but your team came in last. You dont win unless your team wins”

Thats rigth, but before the cartographer gift update all the team goes to the same rank if play all the ten match together, but now if you kill more you go to a better rank that you teammates, that no fair because if you kill more was because your teammates is because your skills too but you play with a team, so if a teammate have less kills but more assistances that doesnt count now so probably the teammates who kill less goes to gold 3 and you that kill more goes to platinum 5 , thats no fair if both play the qualify matchs as a team.