Carnage Report - Kills dont match with H2H & Score

i see this only for Slayer games and dont know what i´m missing here, but an example:
Team Score: 50-43 Red to Blue. TotalKills according to API response is 56-47 for all players. That 56 is absolutely correct as there were 6 Suicides for Red Team.
However how does that score of 47 (or 43) come up?
Here is one player check for team Blue: Player “sleeeves” shows as 18 TotalKills, 14 TotalDeaths. If you look at the total Head to Head score for this player it only shows: 16-14.
If you look at the players weapon kills the total kills is again 18?. Now did this player do 18 Kills or 16 in this game? No Suicides for this player.
I would have though it does have something to do with how Suicides are counted as it does give someone a kill as well in cases but this does happen for Slayer games without any Suicide as well so i´m not sure.
Thanks for having a look!

Probably Betrayals. They wouldn’t count as suicides, and likely don’t count as Kills either, but should count as negative points.

Thanks for your response. You are probably right but it shouldnt be in TotalKills then for a player as TotalDeaths is not influenced as well. So now in order to get the real Kills (of opponents which actually count for the teamscore) for a player you should grab the sum of “KilledOpponents”. I guess TotalKills as given would make more sense if they added “KilledTeammates” and “KilledByTeammates” in the response :slight_smile: