Career points not reflecting my achievements

Hey guys. I don’t know if anyone can help me here but My Milestones (career poits) don’t show any of my H3 Achievements nor my Halo Wars achievements. I can see them on the bungie site (for H3) but they dont seem to be calculated in my Milestone. Anyone has the same problem? Can anyone help?



I am going on hunch here and saying that it maybe a bug, of some sort, and I definitely have no idea how to fix it. So, I am going to go on another hunch and say you should go do the achievements again and see if that fixes your problem.


Uninstall waypoint from your drive, (delete it) and redownload it and see if it registers your achievements then, if that doesn’t work clear your game cache and see if that works, make sure your copy of halo 3 and wars are from your region as well. American region will have NTSC on the side of the game case.

alrigh, I’ll try that. but if it doesn’t work, does anybody have a link of where I could ask 343i to have a look at this?

Did you earn all those achievements online? Just wondering if that could make it glitch.

yes. I’ve always been a XBL Gold subscriber

i’ve redownloaded Waypoint and i see them now. Thanks guys!