Career Mode/Spartan Ops x10

I first have to admit that I havent played Halo in a while, while I love the game, their just doesnt seem to be alot of rewards to keep me playing. Yea the suits were nice, a great start. But I think their should be a career mode, maybe in the next Halo. While I love masterchief, lets give the Chief a break for a min. Let’s make Halo 5 or more personal an involved experience from Campaign to Spartan Ops. If not that you can just take Spartan Ops to the next level. Letting you create your Spartan from the ground up, learn new moves, different abilities, stats, weapons, designs, from your normal clothes to your armor, but also bring in a sort of mass effect feel where you can make certain decisions and have consequences for those decisions. Similar to modern day sports games like Nba 2k, or Ncaa’s my career mode or Mass Effect. I love Halo. I’ve been with you guys since the first game, but in order to keep people interested and coming back for more and more and more, this game needs to take the next step. People love creating, add their personal touch. The more creative the game allows us to be, the more rewards, the more stats, and abilities available the more people will want to play and continue to play. Add mods to weapons, let each armor piece add some kind of effect or ability to the game. For example the more armor your wearing the better your defense will be, but the slower you will move, while on the other hand the less armor the quicker you move but the less armor you have. I saw that their has been a rapid decline in playtime in Halo 4. Even greater than it was in Reach. It just feels like while the multiplayer has changed a bit, it hasnt changed enough and is still the same multiplayer that we saw in Halo 2, Halo 3, Halo Reach. What about more big maps, specifically maps for air battles, Hornets, Banshees. I’ve always wanted a map where most of the fighting was taking place in the sky. This game has so much potential and while Spartan Ops was a slight step forward, its time to make a giant leap and take high risks, and do things that really hasnt been seen in a first person shooter game yet. I love Nba 2k, not because of the basketball experience but because of the My Player Mode. I have yet to play anything else besides My player because it gives me the most control. If Halo was able to incorporate similar elements in a first person shooter, an already great fps, then that would be amazing. Yea its fun having a bunch of Masterchiefs running around with different colors, and its fun to create your on Spartan, but i would like to see that every piece of equipment has some purpose, whether its positive, negative or a bit of both. Anyone else agree they would like to see Spartan Ops taken to the next level and beyond?

First of all, paragraphs, please, my eyes are bleeding from trying to read it as a wall of text.

Second of all, it seems interesting, although I’m not really sure if people will approve very much if they think 343i is going too far down the RPG path and away from the classic FPS path that Halo’s has been on for the most part.

You know whats funny. Bungie decided to use a similar idea for their game Destiny for ps4. when I saw it on E3, upgradeable weapons, different powers i couldnt help but laugh.