Carbine Problems?

I have started using the carbine as my main weapon and i have to say it is very underwhelming. The kill time is atrocious when coming up against the other precision weapons because of the amount of shots needed to kill.
And before any one says you need consistent headshots you try doing that when scoped in against a DMR or BR( i would say light rifle but no-one uses that gun)
In most fights against DMR/BR i get them to no shields before they kill me EVERY time unless they get drop on me.
The best way to fix this would eiher be making the CArbine kill in one shot less or slow down DMR fire rate and make BR Spread slightly worse.

The Carbine’s damage definitely needs to be changed.

DMR is the odd gun out, and throws off the whole equation. I can deal with BR’s easily as I use the carbine as well.

Just played another game agaisnt the BR is fine aslong as i get drop on them and i dont miss a shot otherwise i get killed when i just take down there shield.

Just be thankful it’s a precision weapon. Use the Storm Rifle and then tell me what’s “atrocious”. BTW, no precision weapon should be buffed. They’re already way too good, and not just against automatic weapons, but against power weapons too. I usually end up losing duels to a BR/DMR when I have a SAW at perfect SAW range.

Notice you only said BR/DMR cos thats all anyone uses cos the Carbine and Light Rifle aren’t as good and i agree with saw comment if you fire fast and accurate enough with the DMR its no contest who will win.

…and welcome to the plumiting KD world young one lol. I finished my DMR commendation with a 1.65 and since I finished, it’s been falling hard. Everyone uses it on every map and its definitely overwhelming at times.

ive found that if you stick with teammates, you have a shot at least. I know it’s a real pain to do most of the time because no one believes in teamwork anymore, but you gotta try. You will die…constantly die running around lone wolf.

This game was all about teamwork in earlier releases, but that idea is out the window now. Everyone wants to go lone wolf and spam the DMR, and thats the exact opposite of what this whole game stands for.

Recently I’ve found a few decent people to play with every now and then, and after playing today solo, I won’t play without them. The DMR is not an option in my loadouts anymore because I feel like its way too noobish. I just hope they do some rebalancing in a TU to fix some of these little problems. They are fixable, they just need to implement a solution.

Thank You Master DeadlyFartCloud i have noticed that as i’ve gone through the UNSC loadouts and finished tham and was like should i do Covvie or Forerunner and decided Covvie as i have already done stickies but every game is just DMR and it gets annoying just hearing the tinny sounds it makes but like you i try and only play with friends but i work shifts so sometimes i have to random and i get destroyed.

Here is a weapon guide. Not exactly what you asked for, but I hope it helps :slight_smile:

Have this cookie too! (>^^)>#

Thanks NthoUzii for cookie and vid(NomNomNom) but i just don’t think it quite has stopping power as it should it just feels weaker than in Halo 3 and wanted to know if anyone agreed with me or not.

Don’t use it ever. I’ve almost mastered it and its trash… Total trash. Don’t ever. Ever pick it up to put it on load out. Until its fixed melee is better.

The Carbine is only best in small maps during FFA. The Carbine is the best weapon to get a quick headshot off of if they were already in a battle.

Yeah, I’d love to see it buffed.

I started with the storm rifle on day one, realized it sucked and went to the carbine, was destroyed and eventually turned to the DMR because of it.

> <mark>The Carbine is only best never.</mark> The Carbine is the best weapon to get a quick headshot off of if they were already in a battle.

There I fixed it for you.

Was playing on Longbow one time, kept going on the lower/more open side of the map. Kept coming across this one guy, got the jump on him every time with my Carbine, never missed a shot, but he killed me about two, maybe three times in a row; then started tea-bagging. That’s when I decided to switch to the DMR. And then I showed him how bad he was at this game. Over and over again.

Yes, the Carbine needs a buff. One shot less to kill sounds perfect.

I use the Carbine, and I do pretty well with it. I can even beat out DMR users sometimes, but I’m not sure if that’s just because MP is a cesspool of incompetence now.

As it stands, there’s no reason to use the Carbine. It needs some kind of buff, be it accuracy partnered with a DMR nerf, or a damage buff.

> I use the Carbine, and I do pretty well with it. I can even beat out DMR users sometimes, but I’m not sure if that’s just because MP is a cesspool of incompetence now.

It is because of that. I’m lucky to get 8 shots off before I die to dmrs. Any lag makes misses too which gets you killed and since people can’t afford decent Internet there’s always lag.

It’s not a bad weapon, but you’ve definitely got to change your tactics if you’re determined (like me) to use it. I actually enjoy using this weapon but you cannot miss even one shot against a decent player with a DMR/BR or else you’ve lost the battle. Working on the last commendation tier for this gun, then sadly, since it is weaker than the other precision weapons it’ll probably never get used again.

Thats the problem cos its weaker it’ll never get used, on Halo 3 i preffered the Carbine to the BR and in Halo 4 its just very undrewhelming, like alot of the covenant weapons.