Carbine Advice?

So I’m a long time Halo player. Love most of the things in Halo 4, and I love using the Carbine. I have since Halo 2. My only problem is whenever I use it, I feel like I’m going into a fight at half strength when I’m mostly up against BRs and DMRs. I can kill pretty well with it as is, but after taking a step back and looking how I’m playing, a good portion of my Carbine kills happen when I get the drop on someone. When I come into a firefight against a BR or a DMR, I usually lose the the duel 3 out of 5 times. Leads me to think of a thing.

My skill in Halo games have dwindled over the years. Halo 2 and 3 at the beginning were my prime days. Did consistently well in games. Towards mid Halo 3 days and onwards, me and my fellow Doctors pulled away from the competitive playlists in favor of Big Team Battle and customs. Reach was pretty much the same.

To my fellow Carbine users out there, any tips for an aging gamer? I’d like to keep using it and raise my win ratio against the BR and DMR.

This may not be very helpful, but I’d play Octagon (basically a tiny downloadable map to practice rifle duels with friends) and wait for what seems like the eventual DMR nerf. I mean there’s a reason people have always preferred the DMR and BR, it’s much easier to hit 4 or 5 shots than 7 or 8.

Heres your problem the carbine is probably one of the most skilled weapons to use in halo 4. 6 shots to down a sheild and then a 7th for a headshot with 18 round in a mag. It is also projectile. The carbine is designated mid range. Its got a great fire rate though but the shots really spread at range.

The dmr is 4 shots to down the sheild and a 5th to the head to kill. Now the dmr is hitscan and the bloom is barely noticible. Its dead accurate 90% of the time. Fire rate is enough to be able to spam 5 shots and get a instant kill do to hitscan.

The br is 4 bursts to down the sheil and a 5th to kill. Now the br is burst so if all three bullets hit then its as good as 1 dmr bullet. It has a good fire rate and it has recoil.

I really cant find a weakness to the dmr that will defeat it but I dont want you to stop useing the carbine just because of this. I think the dmr will change a bit soon. However you may want to try useing the health regen AA as its a instant shield recharge after a battle. try to strafe and jump in battle trick them up most think there opponant will stand there. Also bash when needed.

Good luck