Capture the Flag

Every capture the flag [custom at least] game supports 4 teams, Red, Blue, Green and Orange

Now, this is ok

Except for one thing
Some of the maps people make, dont support 4 teams, so if you want Greeen V orange, you better have a map for it

Instead of having the 2 teams oposite each other, if the map does support 4 teams, Orange and green will be beside red and blue, not accross. Orange crosses green, and Red crosses blue, so the customization isnt there

While this is easily solved by saying “Red VS Blue guys”;

I think it should be solved this way-

In forge, no colours. No red, blue, green, etc, Just Numbers, 1, 2, 3, 4
Well, you can have colours to, but ill get to that later

Now, when you spawn a flag, and set it to 1, this will be the first teams flag, regardless of their colour. In fact, it will change to be their colour. So will that wall you just spawned. Instead of setting the wall to red, you set it to 1. What ever 1 is in the game, thats what colour it will be
Now, in custom games, each player will be able to select any of the 8 colours, unless there is the max amount of supported colours selected.
This way, pink vs red is a viable option in CTF, but so is Orange vs Green on the same map.

How do you add more teams? Simple
For games like Slayer, King of the Hill, etc, it will be based on Inital Spawns

CTF, flag spawns
Assault, Bomb spawns, etc. Im pretty sure this is how it worked in Halo 2, and I liked itNow, every object in Reach will have 3 colour values

Its “Team”, its “Back up” and its “Default”
Its team will be a number 1-8, which will then translate above

Back up will be 0-8. If its number above is not available in the game, it will revert to its backup. IE, if theres no team 4, it will become team 1.

Default is tricky. This uses colours. Red to Brown, or None
Lets say I make a base red, then I set its number to 1 and its default to red. Red team will spawn here, if I set the gamemode to use Default spawns.
In this way, you can have that map where orange starts at tank spawn, blue starts at that floating base in the sky, what have you, just like the way it works now

However, turn off Default spawns, and my Red base will turn into whatever colour team 1 is. This way will allow unique bases per colour, and that colour only, but wont stop you from playing otherwise

And ofcourse, if you want, you can still just change the colour value, just like now, without changing team, to decorate or what have you

…Or you could just boot anyone that doesn’t go to the right team, and 343 wouldn’t have to re-engineer most of the objective gametypes. :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously, though, this idea seems like it would be unnecessarily complicated both in terms of implementation and in terms of actually setting it up in Forge. I mean, there are still people who don’t fully understand gametype labels. Something like this would overwhelm them.

I agree with david, its unnecessary and like you said, red vs blue like its always been since halo 1 2 and 3, no need for CTF being numbered, im not trying to be mean, but it is slighlty unnecessary.