Capture the flag in Halo 4.

Hey there,

If you have some spare time, check out the video from the link below.

Capture the flag in Halo 4.

It’s a video of me playing some Capture the Flag (CTF) in Halo 4 and talking about the changes (good but mainly bad) made in CTF.

Let me know what you think. Do you like the changes? Do you prefer it classic?

Thanks for taking your time out.


I think the video would have been better off edited where it shows what you’re discussing as you talk about each item / change.

And agreed, they messed up CTF with not being able to drop flag combined with auto-pickup.

EDIT (because I was still listening to vid): I believe the reason they added the constant pointer for flag location was to prevent just hiding the flag (like with neutral flag, same with neutral assault) in places you can’t always get to. However, they took all that out, along with flag at home to score (wasn’t really used anyway). Truthfully, I agree with your points, and there’s no real reason to always track it, otherwise you’ll never be able to run much with it solo.

I personally LOVE the new capture the flag. I haven’t had this much fun playing CTF in years and the point system makes it even better.

i think its the most fun its been in a long time.
love the changes

> i think its the most fun its been in a long time.
> love the changes

I second this, CTF plays great especially on ragnarok. I think 343 did overall a very good job on objective type games

I love the new CTF it’s way more faster paced an much more exciting. The old CTF was slow and boring now with this one it seems like everyone is actually trying to score.

It plays well enough, but I wish they added in the options to play classic CTF if we wanted.

auto pick up needs to be taken of for exactly the reason you stated. the waypoint over the carrier’s head i can see both sides of the argument. it does take away some strategy but i also help to stop the carrier from hiding while his team destroys the opposition. the carrier needs to be able to drop the flag.

I must be unlucky. Seems like in my CTF games I am paired with teammates who think it’s slayer. I’m still hurting from the 5-0 loss I suffered as the only person on my team who even went to the opposing team’s side for the entire match.

Mostly agreed. Except you pointed out that taking out juggling makes you slower. Not the case in Halo 4 as flag carrying is at normal movement speed (if I’m not mistaken). I also don’t like how you’re unable to drop the flag, but I can understand that they were trying to make people use more teamwork.
Besides that, great video. Good gameplay, and as an American, I loved your accent! haha