Capture points on big map

I am trying to make a capture point. I have successfully accomplished this. It is to where when you use the invisible switch underneath a flag pole that it waits N amount of seconds and then it allows you to spawn there, and if the other team does the same then it denies the first teams spawns, and allows the second team to spawn. I need the switch to only be usable to the opposite team… I don’t know how to do this. Anybody have any ideas? Thanks!

respawn points are dynamic objects now, which means respawn points are able to have scripts applied to them. if i were you, i would probably try to have a script where "on interacted with → Delete object(cobra respawn point 1,2,3,4,5…etc) and at the same time "on same object interacted with → Spawn object(eagle respawn point 1,2,3,4,5…etc) and "On interacted with (player that actually presses the switch) → Get Player Team

and then based on what team the player who pressed the switch, make their team’s respawn points Spawn near the switch, and Despawn the enemy team respawn points. if a player on the opposing team comes along and presses the switch, Spawn their team’s respawn points and Despawn the enemy team respawn points.

movable respawn points are important for scripted scenarios and multi-objective multi-round gametypes.

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I got the spawning down to where it works fine, but i cant figure a way to get it to where the team that cant spawn is the only team able to activate the switch again…

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ok i think i see what you mean.

try this:

  1. set up area monitor. make a boundary (box or radius with an appropriate volume) that sits right next to the switch, but is not the switch itself. could be a new script brain, could be a dynamic 1x1x1 cube.

  2. cobra team players are not supposed to activate the switch? then if cobra team player enter switch area monitor (1x1x1 dynamic cube) boundary , despawn switch. if cobra team player leave boundary, Spawn switch (in order to put it back for the other team to use)

u probably need a global variable too because team that can’t spawn → set global variable to 1
and if its the other team, then when it changes sides team that cant spawn → set global variable to 2

i am still learning about declaring global variables myself

Okay, thanks mate! Will give er a shot!

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