Captain cutter using mastadons

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Yesterday I played a 3v3 game vs a cutter who was using a mastadon. I didn’t think much of it, I thought he was Jerome at first. After the game I saw he was actually cutter. And when I checked halo waypoint it even shows in his build order that he is building mastadons.

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The gamertag is <mark>REDACTED</mark>, he made 3 mastadons and one commander Jerome. I’m not sure if the bug is that cutter made mastadons or if he picked Jerome and it showed cutter instead.

It’s a bug that it shows the incorrect leader. Also you’re not supposed to call out players by their GT

That would be the bug that says incorrect leaders.

It’s a bug. I got the “Play as X an amount of times” challenge when I played as various leaders because of it.