Capstone Challenge Missing Reward

I have completed the Capstone Challenge and earned its reward… however, the reward is still locked in the customization menu. Just putting this out there incase anyone else is having the same issue… I am yet to the skin used in game so I am assuming its a game wide issue at the moment. I could not find this issue in any of the forums either…

The way weekly challenges are displayed are weird, it can seem like you have completed them all but more just keep appearing. There is actually a dozen or so challenges and one ‘Final Challenge’ before you unlock the reward. After the reward is unlocked you stop receiving challenges. I’m not trying to discount the fact that you could be experiencing a bug but I just wanted to clarify the unlock process in case you’ve made a mistake.
In game the reward is a light green skin with a white helmet, I’ve seen it quite regularly in matchmaking.

I have the same problem, text displays you’ve completed this capstone challange and earned its reward. But the shader is nowhere to be found…

I have also completed the capstone challenge. Platinum warrior. No shades.

It could be for the release of the game. So you unlock it?

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> It could be for the release of the game. So you unlock it?

That could be a possibility

It’s green armor. Mine unlocked day 2

Same here

I grinded for it and also had the same issue: no capstone armor coating

Same here

It’s not even letting me complete my challenges. I’ve done 3 different ones and I’m still at zero progress for all of them.

I’m also having the same isssue I completed it, and it says capstone challenge complete and still no armor coating but it said I’d get a white armor coating.