cap the flag already!

ok so i’m in a good close game of ctf just about holding my/our own against a team with much higher k/d (not that this is the only mark of skill).

we managed to go 3-2 up when the other members of my team get booted for some reason.
so… i think i’ll hang around and make a nuisance of myself until hopefully my team mates rejoin. they didn’t.

now here’s my real problem, the other team unsurprisingly take a 4-3 lead (i’d killed a couple in the process) now they load the gaus up with final flag and lock down beam spawn and instead of capturing the flag, the entire team hunt me -the only opposition - down for 6 mins.

Grow up and cap the yoinking flag already!

I never thought much of players who hold in objective games. Doubly so if they do it to pad their K/D.

My sincere hope is Halo 5’s objective ranking system will be based on objective metrics only. No point in going positive K/D if you lose. I’ll die a hundred times to one kill if it means i’m the only guy on my team moving that flag.

Agreed. I believe in K/D for Slayer gametypes only and win/loss for objective gametypes only.

I think everyone should quit and avoid giving the team the benefit. that’s what I do if I notice spawn killing. another small exploit to help folks BOOST a number that only matters in their heads.

I had a similar problem the other day, except the flag holder was on my team and we were hunting three guys. Once I realised what they were doing I tried shooting them to try and get them to cap. Then they sent me rage messages.

It annoys me when players do this, and pad kills in Grifball.

You should quit like these clever guys

Edit: Infinity just encourages this type of behaviour. (personal ordnance)