Cap multiplayer to 60 FPS or turn off cross play

That’s what I’m saying Apex doe it very well I’m like I don’t understand. I don’t even mind playing against kids with keyboard and mouse and that whole argument. I know what FPS could do and the way it fills along with Aim and that is a slight advantage no matter how small it is it’s still a advantage


There’s literally and option to set it to “unlocked.” You can also set your own min/max fps by clicking on the field and typing a number.

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I totally agree it’s not really that noticeable but when you have people playing against console people with majority are still on sadly the original Xbox One that’s capped at 30 same thing with the Xbox One s. Not many people upgraded to the Xbox One x. And like I said I’m waiting around for an Xbox series x. Even though I can get an Xbox series s at a reasonable price which is great on Microsoft’s point but that console itself is still kept at 60. So you have all the console players at low frame rate versus PC that are averaging what 80 to 140.

Also, the game should auto-detect your monitor’s hz. If yours is showing only 60 and not 144 as an option you most likely have made the same mistake many PC owners do.

In Windows go to:

  1. Settings
  2. Display
  3. Advanced Display Settings

Set your monitor to 144hz. All monitors come out of the box running 60hz and you have to manually set it to the maximum.

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I agree but those occasions where you have to win your ones and you end up getting out framed it cost you the whole game because you was unable to cap something.

It depends really. I imagine most people aren’t running around with 3080’s and 6800xt’s. Neither one of those even crack the top 20 in the steam GPU hardware survey. I’m running a 6700xt which fluctuates between 70-90fps in 1440p. And that’s a decently new higher-end card. Mind you I could get closer to 100-120 if I dropped the settings from Ultra to Low and even higher if I dropped the resolution to 1080p, but I don’t enjoy my games looking like doodoo. Whole reason I bought this card is to see this game look pretty lol.

Anyway, my point is most PC players don’t have the hardware to push crazy frames on this game because of poor optimization. Most of the PC players you run in to are probably hovering around 60fps.

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Oh I agree definitely it’s just the onyx lobbies being a sweaty as they are I’m sure they’re running high in PCs big team Battle you really don’t notice it same thing we quick play I mean you’ll notice it occasionally when they’re AR seems to shred you to pieces and you’re like wow that guy really shot me almost around the corner.

Ah, yes, I’ve had this exact scenario happen a few times. I’m pretty sure this is a de-sync issue for the most part.

my thing now is the cheating and the wall hacks I just ended up dealing with that and making 15 clips and going through this guy’s entire match history taking clip after clip after clip just to submit a ticket that would probably won’t even get resolved. That’s my biggest gripe is the cheating that’s going on on PC right now and that’s why I desperately want cross play turned off. I’m 31 years old I’ve been playing Halo for 20 years. I’m very competitive when it comes to my halo. Lol so I should just play social playlist and be done with it but I’m one of those people who used to talk mad crap about the AR and four shot noobs who try to AR me in the back so social is really not my cup of tea I like the rank playlist but that’s full of cheaters it’s getting really annoying.

Disabling cross play never stops cheating. The modded controllers scene can sometimes be even worse than anything the PC crowd cooks up. I do support the option to disable cross-play though. I don’t think anyone should be forced to play against a whole different input method if they don’t want to.

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I’ll take a scrub with a strike pack that I could probably out br. Considering there’s no recoil in this game so they’re advantage is next to none. Maybe if they had a Kronos and they turn their aim assist up but I doubt it. I rather deal with that than wall hacking pre-firing cheaters

In the context of Halo, I don’t think these things make enough of a difference to translate into a higher overall accuracy when we are talking about framerates of 60 and over. Halo does not require precise aiming with most of the weapons and gives a fairly large margin of error with the only real exception being the Sniper and Stalker rifles.

My personal accuracy (hardly a scientific study, I know) has stayed consistent at around 45% between the flights and the full release. During the flights I was getting around 70fps and now I can get 120.

Another key factor at play here is aim assist. I don’t know how much this does help because ever since I switched to PC I exclusively play shooters with M&K.
I’m really curious as to what the effects of a higher framerate are between controller players with aim assist at play and if there are factors such as the higher framerate making the aim assist stronger

You have to turn V-Sync off to go past 60 I believe. Then you can either play uncapped, use one of the preselected fps limiters, or type in a custom one.

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After thinking about it, yeah, it is an unfair advantage.

It’s not unfair if:

  1. There’s official support
  2. If it’s available to everyone
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There’s only one Xbox console that can run the game at 120 FBS. And that’s if you can find a series X. Series s and Xbox one X 60 fps. Xbox one and one s is 30 fps. Vs pc
If they have them monitor 60-240 fps. And I wonder when we’re gonna talk about the cheats that are 2000 rank onyx PC cheaters with there wall hacks.

Maybe also you could tell me what other games force cross play? Apex maybe?? No they’re just Consol versus Consol capped at 60. And you can only play in PC lobbies if you have a PC player on your team. And Consol aim assist is higher than PC with controller. Call of duty maybe nope… battle Field 2042?? Yeah but the have the option to disable it :man_shrugging:t3: It’s almost like 343 is not even a AAA studio. Just Released a pretty good game but bare-bones. You know what else was a good game Cuphead….

I repeat

  1. There’s official support for higher FPS if the hardware can run it.

  2. The hardware to achieve these higher supported FPS values is accessible to everyone regardless of variable availability or the consumer’s financial ability to purchase it. Can’t get your hands on a Series X? Well buddy, the PC market has plenty of options for you. If you want to get higher frames, you have available options.

Not sure what this has to do with my point or response.

Not sure what this has to do with response or my point either.

I can only say and fully affirm that the multiplayer version of this game for xbox one is a joke that it should never have been 30 fps for a first person shooter XDDD