Can't we just put an end to T-bagging?

Hey wintermute_2050, why don’t you voice your opinion instead of just ‘missed the point’ emoting to every response you don’t like.

Tea bagging has been a part of halo for basically 20+ years. It’s essentially like emoting to gloat in Fortnite. Welcome to the internet if you don’t like it…honestly.

This entire thread shows how split the halo community is and Monitor should close it. We already don’t have post-game chat or any ability to talk to the other team. There’s literally no game lobbies with communication like classic halo. 343 has already taken steps to avoid what is arbitrarily known as ‘toxic’ behavior in Halo.


They even put a tbag emblem in the game… This guy just hates being tbag… I get tbaged than I go find that person kill them and tbag them…


That’s how it’s done.

This is the way

This is the way


I’ll do it when;

I’ve just won an epic one on one. Persono a persono. As a touch or respect. Just a quick dip or too - a bit like tipping your hat.

If you’ve just -yoinked- up. Missed me with a rocket at point blank, or tried to sneak up on me with the camo. A cheap play that’s about to cost you. This requires a longer, slower, touch.

If I’m being thrashed. Typical scenario is when we’re 2v4 and the opposition team are sweating on the camo and sword and playing like their on centre stage at a tournament. We may only get a couple of kills… but they are going to be bagged hard. With weapon melees.

Whenever it feels funny to do so. Some sort of epic triple kill when you armed with nothing but a potato peeler. This one tends to be peppered with little jumps and spins.

If a team-mate dies doing something stupid. It’s important to let the opposition know that you also think they’re an idiot.


i see it also that he only can click on missed the point without anything give a feedback at all.
and he also is not telling why is it a missed the point at all so nobody knows what the point is we are missing more.

and the community is not split about it its only the people that not like it most deal with it since its a part of a shooter game.
so if there not like it then there most not play a shooter game in the first place at all.

and its not only in the multiplayer the AI’s in the campaign do also T-bagging you if master chief is death that a elite is T-bagging you

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Nope, it’s ingrained to the very core of Halo, heck it may have even been invented in Halo. I just wish more would respect the -Yoink!- and only do it after pulling off a great play or if some one is being annoying in game and you kill them then it’s OK as well. The only time I kinda don’t like it is when I get teabagged by someone who I was about to kill but some one comes along and saved them… I am dude you didn’t earn teabagging from getting saved…hahaha


Becuase the alternative is removing strafe crouching, it’s a byproduct of a mechanical feature that by either altering or removing to get rid of something as silly is T-bagging, would be a waste of resources and upset way more people than simply doing something like altering death view or ignoring it.

Humble too, and mature enough to not go on to one of the biggest sources of immaturity (the internet) and complain about perhaps the least disrespectful form of insults compared to Homophobia, Sexism, racism, and just general harassment… you’re getting upset some stranger (who may not have even killed you) that’s crouching repeatedly over your corpse.

  1. I get this game is rated “T”, but you’re playing online, user experiences and interactions may vary, you should know this by now.
  2. Being facetious here, stop dying.
  3. Other people are probably fulfilling their gaming experience by being able to T-bag, as silly as that sounds.

In all seriousness these are decent suggestions, but I still think you’re getting too worked up about what other people with their virtual avatars are doing in an FPS.

Age, believe it or not, is entirely irrelevant to this discussion!

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Stop Tea bagging, yeah no that’ll never happen. If they do the crouch button wouldn’t be used anymore and crouching will no longer be a thing.

But this post is just unintelligent honestly


*proceeds to hunt down OP in every match just so I can crouch-bag him or her after every kill, just as an act of spite


You know, I’ve quite about had enough of these holier than thou first world problem people. Who make zero sense btw. You don’t like your kids seeing sort of sexual content but you are fine with simulated killing. :man_shrugging:Go Away. You make everything less fun.


You know Halo is not a children’s game right? Also there’s that little warning that will say online play not rated. You know because people cannot be controlled and will inherently do the worst possible things they can. Many will specifically go out of their way to ensure you have a bad time. Maybe play something like Plants Vs Zombies if you want to play a shooter with your kids


You do know that a majority of the player base started playing when they were like 6-10 years old right?

That is a legal precautionary in the event that your child suddenly encounters someone using harsh language online.

You mean Gears of War.


The day they ban t-bagging is the day I drop the entire Halo franchise. You’re the reason why I bag.


No, just no. It’s the unwritten staple of Halo multiplayer history and will be going nowhere. Even 343 has recognized it by making the Halo 4 holograms -Yoink!- any dead enemy that it is sent over.

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When Assassinations and Executions come to Halo Infinite, I would gladly pay $25 for the meatiest bagassination emote, just for people like OP. I want the Hologram to come back in the form of a Kill Effect. Forget the flaming skull, get POV bagged every death. I hate the shop, but I would actually pay good money for these.

Teabagging is the language of Spartans.
We communicate by the bag.
We taunt by the bag.
We make friendships by the bag.
We live by the bag.
We die by the bag.

As people love to say “Don’t like it? Don’t play.”

Bag is Halo. Halo is bag.

OP would never survive a pre-2010 Lobby


You don’t get Tbagged if you don’t die.


Oh, so helpful. Thank you for contributing your deep and intellectual thoughts to the thread.

The biggest problem with bagging nowadays is almost nobody does it right. It needs to be done slowly enough that you get the full range of motion in standing and crouching again. Most people hit the crouch button so fast that their Spartan kind of freezes in the crouch position. You gotta really make them feel every thrust. Rub their face in it.

The other main problem is people bagging when it’s totally undeserved. It should be reserved for outplaying someone. The people who do it most are the ones who kill you because you’re 1-shot after killing their teammate. They come around the corner with their way too powerful/accurate AR, hold the trigger down for an easy kill, and bag you. Not impressive at all.

But this is really a larger problem in gaming anyway. Competitive games these days are being overrun by kids with untreated ADHD who can’t go even 2 seconds without their character staying in motion, and they’re constantly talking trash. I play a lot of Rocket League 2v2s and it’s always one really good player on the other team doing everything and staying silent, and then their teammate is doing nothing, sucks at the game, but is constantly spamming the quick chat with trash talk. Pretty pathetic, in my opinion.


This should be an option for comedic purposes