Can't we just put an end to T-bagging?

I don’t honestly understand why this is even allowed. I’ve never really gotten it anyway, maybe I’m too classy. It’s immature, sexual, and would seem to go against all of the sportsmanship-type things that Microsoft / Xbox attempt to promote (after all, we can report people for these sorts of things). However, why can’t they just disable the ability to do it? Ban the use of the words on the forums but can’t slip a simple code into the game that prevents repeated mashing of the crouch button? It truly ruins the gaming experience with my kids when they see that sort of behavior AFTER EVERY DEATH. Want to keep it in there cause I’m too sensitive? How about just defaulting to not showing your dead body in real time after the kill, show a screen shot of the death or move on to another active player by default. God, I’m old…


Lol what even is this forum anymore. Also, the argument of it “ruining” time with your precious, innocent kids who are playing a game where you murder people with guns repeatedly? Okay.


then you not have play a lot off shooter game’s online more.

since its more normal in any shooter game multiplayer that people are doing it.


T-bagging has been in Halo since Halo CE days.
Even Bungie t-bagged eachother in their videos likein a map pack video.

Thingie is that i think you taking it too serously when someone T-bag you. Yeah i also get T-bagged, but i dont get salty about it and just laugh and T-bag them back.


Yep. Love a good T’bag.

Has to be done appropriately. It works better as a sign of respect than an act of humiliation.

And we were only discussing this in the Forge thread… but Tag’n’ Bag was just about the pinnacle of H5 scripting;

And remember the holograms in H4 - how they would actually run over and T’bag a vanquished foe!


its not only that its more that a lot off things have been taking to serously more when its more basic for the fun there are doing it more or have it.

in the end if you hate it then you most never play any shooter game online since you have a big chance there T bagging you.


I absolutely love to see this said.

I 100% disagree and believe it"s a staple that will never go away, However the sheer fragility on diplay from those offended and annoyed by it makes it that much stronger.


The only way to stop T-Bagging as you know it would be to take away the ‘crouch’ ability altogether or render it infuriatingly slow to use. I think we both know why those aren’t options, so I’ll leave it at that…

As for your actual problem with death cams though? I find it realistic that they could add a way to turn it off. They’re useful but not necessary.


You are the type of person that is the most fun to -Yoink!- :joy:


Ig we can’t crouch strafe anymore


You can not tell me you are this mad to rant about someone dropping their drawers on your dead body that much…


I think only immature younger players still t-bag, like they do on r6 siege. usually the ones with ugly gun skins.


Meanwhile split gate actually has challenges and gives exp for progression for teabagging.

Heaven forbid someone do something silly in a game where you shoot people.


It’s useful sometimes in that it follows the person who got you so you can (theoretically) communicate with your team where that person is headed, or see if they’re after someone else next.

Although, in my experience, this game plays so fast that almost every time I get tbagged, there’s instant karma for it. Teammate comes up and whacks them bc they’re wasting time crouching my corpse instead of getting the f–k out of dodge and playing.


Might as well put an end to Halo. T bagging is a Halo staple, and building your tolerance to it builds character. People who get offended by it, tend to perform worse which is why it’s viable.

Also people who excess T bag are frequently emasculated for it, because they know they suck enough that they have to distract players from it anyway they can!


^ correct tho, it’s not going to stop. there’s how many people playing this and not all of them are going to get the same message at once, and even if that’s the case there’s people who will specifically choose to keep doing so. anyway

I generally only do it in return to someone who’s showing off doing it excessively, and especially when they’re not performing well. -Yoink!- for tat. And if I’m grouped up with friends and there’s one or two people doing it, we target them specifically because they’re being an -Yoink!- lol

It’s fun to me. It’s another part of the tactics. Tbagging, especially excessively, shows to me that someone is overconfident and willing to sacrifice extra time in possible view/reach of enemies just to jerk their own ego. Something to keep an eye on and exploit when possible.

You’re right, getting mad about it is going to make you (a) play worse and (b) have less fun. I’m not gonna say ‘dont get mad about it’ to anyone bc well that’s not how emotions work, but changing your perspective on it to ‘lol oh okay you’re that kind of -Yoink!-, congrats on being a loser’ or similar will take a lot of stress out of the whole thing


The first time my daughter played H5 MM years ago she got bagged. She immediately started giggling and said “He’s tooting on me!” We still laugh about it today.


What do you want me to do? Gangnam Style on your dead Spartan. T-Bagging is a big part of Halo for many years and it’ll never go away, better buckle up those Man pants we’re still going to keep doing it


I have no issue with tea bagging at all.
They should just start banning people for it though. They already do for every other “toxic” behavior. Why not tea bagging? Make Halo MP as sterile as possible.
They could also add the paintball effect to bullets like Golden Eye to tone down violence.
Not being sarcastic at all.


Contradictory isn’t it?