Can't We Just Get Some New Game Modes? My Reply

Here is how the playlists and game types should look like.
Multi Team
(VIP, juggernaut, headhunter, slayer, race, oddball)
(Heavy, Slayer, Crazy KOTH, Territories, Stockpile)
(the usual different variants)
Social Arena
(Stockpile, Slayer, Oddball, Regicide)
Community Map Playlist
(VIP, Juggernaut, Headhunter, Sayer, Race, Oddball)

Team Slayer
Team Throwback
(Territories, Oddball, Assault, Koth)
(Slayer, Koth, Oddball)
Lone wolves
(Slayer, Slayer BR, Swords, Oddball, Crazy koth)
Team Objective
(CTF, Strongholds,stockpile)
Halo Pro
(All AA’s disabled, base movement increased to 120%, Forward Speed 110%, Strafe Speed 120%, forward acceleration 110%, strafe acceleration 130%, jump height 120%)
(slayer br, slayer, koth, oddball)

Weekly rotational playlist
(team dubs, team snipes)
(team snipes gets beam rifle as secondary)

Weekend rotational playlist
(Grifball, action sack only these)