Cant Watch Nightfall

Now obviously i own the MCC and I even go into the Halo Channel via the game. When i try to watch nightfall instead of saying “play episode” it says “buy halo.” When i click on the buy button guess what? it takes me back into the game. I own the game on disk so idk whats going on. I have the game in my system and i access the series via the extra menu and its not working. I even tried accessing through the Channel without having the game pulled up and it doesnt work that way either. Anyone care to help or tell me how to sumbmit it to support? Thank You!

Is yours digital download, or do you own the disc?

If you own the disc, then there should be a card in there with a redemption code (has halo nightfall pick on front and yellow banner). Enter this code, or if you use kinect, get it to scan the QR code.

As for digital, I’m not sure.

However, if you have already activated the license - you might be experiencing the same issue as me, I watched the first 3 episodes when they came out, but now it keeps telling me I need to by the game. I tried entering the code again, but it says try another as that one has been used.