Can't Watch Nightfall - Digital Copy

I am reposting the below under support since It clearly isn’t getting any love sitting in the Nightfall folder…

I bought the game digitally, and I want to watch Nightfall already.

Look, I know that this is a known issue (there are 40 threads in the forums about it), except, where “I” know it is a “known issue”, I don’t know that “you” know it is a known issue. You haven’t exactly acknowledged it. And for that reason, I am getting very frustrated.

I have seen posts that “look” like they are from Moderators, saying, do all this stuff on the Xbox One to try to get it to stop pushing me into the Buy/play/buy/play loop. but here is the thing. I am not trying to watch this on the XBOX (at home). I am trying to play it on the windows app (at work). why would my XBOX at home prevent me from watching this on a system at work? And I am not even sure if this is a moderator giving guidance, or someone just offering their couch wisdom.

I have been playing the game at home. I have unlocked achievements. they show up in waypoint. Waypoint clearly knows I have the game. I want to watch the show. I cant do this at home (XBOX) or on any other system I have. win8.1, win10, etc.

I ended up following some steps I found in the forum to uninstall/pullplug/reinstall/ rinse repeat 5 times instructions, and nothing. This is after trying the uninstall/reinstall rinse repeat 10 times on 2 computers at work. I had to wait till I got home to do the “Horrible XBOX Troubleshooting steps” so this morning, back at work, I tried again on the PC. I mean I really wanted to watch this show.

Look. I have some friendly advise.

on HaloWaypoint
You have a blog, with no mention of this issue.
you have news, with no mention to this issue
you have forums where this issue appears in 7 different areas, but:
you have forums, where it is difficult to determine if a moderator is the one acknowledging the issue (you need blues)
you have Sticky’s with no reference to this problem (you could do that faster than read this)
you have a Status post, that shows there are no issues.
You can do better.

I know that you are in triage. Multiplayer is having issues. but, I am sure that you can triage better than this. Multiplayer is not the only thing broken. I wanted to watch some TMCC stuff on the side while I work. I wanted to play Multiplayer when I get home after work. So my Immediate TMCC need is not what you are prioritizing. Or at least what you are acknowledging.

3 hours later I posted…

I just tried again. It still doesn’t work.

I also checked the Forums and have yet to see any acknowledgment or stickies or updates or pretty much any communication under:

Halo Channel
General Halo Channel discussion

Halo Support
Halo: The Master Chief Collection
Halo Channel
Halo Waypoint

You can do better. You must do better.

I’m having this trouble but on my Xbox one only option my getting is saying buy when I already got the game

I am also having this issue. Keeps telling me to buy Halo to watch Nightfall but I bought the digital copy.

I am also stuck in the Buy Halo Loop. It’s been 4 days, and still no updates or even aknowledgement from 343i.

This issue is also being posted in the Xbox forums. Seems neither 343 nor Microsoft are visibly concerned.

I purchased the digital copy and would expect every aspect of the game to work properly.

Just cheecking back in. The product that I purchased said this is where I go for support. Iam still waiting for an acknowledgement.

I am having the same problem, all the technical problems with this game are getting very tiresome

Still nothing. For all we know this problem will never get fixed. Sigh… Twitter time, maybe we’ll get an answer there

Bump, because I’m still having the same issue and no one from 343 is communicating

I was able to watch Ep. 1, but when I try to watch Ep. 2 I keep getting redirected to a different video.
Now, I can’t watch either episode.

Although I don’t have a Xone, I do have MCC and redeemed the Nightfall pass. The pass allowed me to watch 1 episode, with broken rewards for 1 day?

Hello, 343 Im a big fan of the halo series and I love halo 5 guardians, but I’m having trouble on halo chqnnel . I have beged my parents to let me borrow 15 dollars to purchas halo nightfall and I finally did so, e ponly thing is it won’t let me watch any
episodes of it on halo channel on the mobile app or Xbox. It very frustrating and I hope I can help so I can get my nightfall armor for my clan uniform. I walled though it with a couple of new recruits and they got it just fine, and it won’t work for me. I even used the same method a gave them and it worked. I hope I can get help from you guys, and have a great day.