Can't Watch Halo Nightfall

I Bought the digital download of The MCC. I can’t watch Nightfall, and I would like to. It keeps flipping between the game and Halo channel…ie A to watch nightfall, goes to Halo channel… Buy Halo. Tap buy Halo goes back to the game menu. Thanks

This keeps on happening to me to as well. I downloaded the copy from xbox live. I am aware that you need a code to redeem it, but where the hell do i get the code if its not the physical copy?

I have the same problem it would be nice if someone would address this issue our respond soon

Same issue here, just finished downloading HMCC and cannot playback Halo: Nightfall… only option is “buy now” but i’ve already bought it… Anyone figure out a solution to this?

I had that problem when I invited a friend over to watch it…

I do not know what I did to fix it thought, sorry about that. But what I remember is trying to force quit the game and the channel.

If that doesn’t help, I also think I restarted the Xbox. Something worked obviously, but don’t remember what exactly.

Hope it helps

Editing this now, so try this, it might work if none of the above Works:

Go to your Xbox, and with that I mean, use your legs in real life…
Press the Xbox on/off button, and hold it there for some Seconds, you will most likely hear when it really is off.
Release the button, wait a few more Seconds just to be sure
Turn Xbox on again
Log in
Then go directly to your halo channel app. NOT THREW HALO TMCC.
Scroll threw the mess there to find Halo Nightfall, try to play it

If it Works great! I think thats the thing I did.

Happy to help

“Have you tried turning it off an on again?”
-Indian Tech Support

> 2533274884093471;6:
> “Have you tried turning it off an on again?”
> -Indian Tech Support

Hahahaha, sounds very much like it. But it did work for me :slight_smile: Just trying to help in this crazy forum, hahah :smiley:

Same exact problem! I have no idea how to fix it. I bought the MCC digitally and didn’t get a code.