Can't wait for the title update!!!

At first I was worried 343 would ruin reach more, but after reading about all of the stuff they are planning to do in the update, I think they ar going to make reach 10 times better. only thing that sucks is that my 360 had a system failure and needs to be replaced…>_<

If they make some serious logical changes then I’ll be more than happy, if the TU doesn’t change anything special then I’ll be totally done with Halo for the first time in 10 years.

you have time to replace your xbox. the update wont be out until during or after halo fest

I Know dude! I can’t wait to read the hate mail that people will post because Armor Lock hasn’t changed and that Bloom is still not satisfyingly still.

they may be removing the visual mechanic of bloom all together

Where can I read about this update? Is it somewhere on this site?