Can't Verify Email

On Halo waypoint, when I go to settings then email notifications, it keeps telling me to verify my email. I keep pressing the Resend Verification Email and nothing happens. I don’t get the email. I check everywhere, junk, spam, it doesn’t show up anywhere. I checked to see if I accidentally blocked it and I didn’t. I just never got it. Can someone help me with this?

  1. Make sure you are sending it to the right email AND checking the right email.
  2. How long did you wait?

I’m with AbruptETron on this one. I have been trying to verify my email on and off for several months now. Ill save the skeptics the trouble and add YES I put the correct email in and YES I have check every conceivable folder, section, label, or tab it could have been put into. It isn’t that I cant find the email as much as it is not being sent. Would like to take care of this since the new halo is coming out ‘relatively’ soon so that I do not have to regularly google it to be kept up with updates.

I have the same problem! I do not know how to solve, the problem has been going on for months.