Can't use text chat anymore for some reason

Hello all!

I’ve noticed that I am unable to see other people chat in-game, nor are my texts visible to other players. I have noticed that when I post a text message, my name is also set to “Unknown”. there also seems to be a forbidden symbol displayed in the bottom right corner, just above the place where scores are displayed.

how can i fix this?

Your not missing out on much people are -Yoink!- on halo MCC i have never run into someone who isnt offensive or who does nothing but harrass people in halo

i guess it depends on what you play. i play only custom games. match making is boring to me.

a lot of jumping maps have really nice people. can have nice chats with them. or just other custom games, be it jenga, duckhunt, halo, toilet etc etc.

it’s only here and there that there are some people who like to trashtalk. and i don’t mind spitting some back, but mainly to anger them more, haha

There’s a lot of bad actors unfortunately, but there are some good people too. I regularly host custom games and I’ve met a number of nice players.

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Customs seems like a place to meet good people over snipers, swat, ect