Can't Unselect Winter Update Battlepass

I think the game is great, only problem im having is not being able to switch from the winter update pass other than that you guys are doing great

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So glad I found this. Was searching everywhere and only finding people not knowing they can’t go back to free battle passes. I am still experiencing this issue as well. Guess I’ll mess around in Forge in the meantime :smiling_imp: Hopefully fixed soon!!

I found out that one of my friends doesnt have the issue, we are both on xbxo but his is a next gen mine is last gen. So maybe thats the problem, who knows

Im still having this issue

Still having this issue. I can’t even see the equip button on the old pass anymore.
I’m on xbox series x and i have tried restarting the xbox and killing the game instance but neither option works.

I have a series X and I have the issue aswell. Haven’t played the game in months either.

At this time I am no longer having the issue. I was able to switch yesterday and finish my Season 2 BP

A premium pass isn’t required to switch back to Season 2, is it?

I am unable to switch back to Season 2. The issue apparently still exists for some people.

I believe the premium pass is required to switch back to season 2.
At lest that was what happens with all regular battle passes once a new season starts, the catch is that Winter Update isn’t really a new season so I’m not 100% sure.

Hmm. Okay. That seems a little odd considering you can play each season pass for free even if you don’t upgrade to premium.

That’s true but you can only play them for free when they are for the current season.

GRIND IT FOR 120 DAYS!!! easy

Ah, okay. I didn’t know that. Thanks for the heads up, my man. Much appreciated.

Yes I have tried that multiple times @Porrage I have even tried restarting my Xbox a couple times but it was hopeless

I have been having trouble to cause when I go to switch my battle pass and I select the one I want it brings me to the battle pass so I think it is selected but when I back out it says the winter one is still equipped and I can’t earn XP for the other battle passes