Can't Unselect Winter Update Battlepass

When I ‘equip’ season 2, it says ok, but when I back out then go back in to battlepass switcher, winter update is still selected.

Also keeps me from getting xp for my desired selection (season 2.)


Having same problem, The game says the battlepass is selected but when i back out into the main menu it reverts back to winter update.
Hopefully fixed soon.


I switched back to my Season 2 battlepass without issue and am earning rewards for it. I know this is the classic tech support question, but have you restarted the game and tried again?

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welp…at least you guys didn’t sink 100 xp grants into the darn thing after thinking you’d selected the battlepass you’d JUST purchased ^^;

this was resolved earlier today so you should be good to go now!

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Same here, can’t equip season 2 battle pass even though I paid for it and I’m on level 52. Try restarting the game, tried restarting console… absolutely nothing. It just won’t let me unselect the winter update pass

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I too am unable to switch battle passes. I see the same confirmation that looks legit, but when I back out to the lobby, I’m still in winter update season pass. I restarted the game, restarted my pc, nothing works.


Well no sir, I am definitely not good to go, bc as I’m typing this, I’m trying to equip my season 2 premium battle pass that I paid for and it won’t let me. I restarted the game, restarted my console multiple time, and absolutely nothing. I’ve been trying since around 3:30pm, it’s now 8pm and still nothing. Between constant issues like this, seemingly non-stop 3v4’s, coupled with the fact that I’m usually on a limited time schedule, it really does always seem to be something new with this game. Just once I’d like to sign on and have a play sesh go smoothly without any issues.

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Not resolved. This issue still exists for me.



be sure to let Halo Support know but i’ll also let some folks know on my side.


Im also not able to switch BPs. I couldnt care less about the winter BP. Becaues it dosnt have the Pilot helmet.

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I just wanna know why it wouldn’t take the pass switch for me…I sank 100 xp grants into the wrong pass.

This update is honestly atrocious. The detachment map is also horrendous.

Lag issues, hit detection problems, desync, loading problems messing up Xbox, battle pass switching is broken, taking away unlocks, winter battlepass won’t load.

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I had a couple tiers left on the season 2 battlepass and now I can’t switch back to it even though I had the premium pass.

It’s not resolved. I still cannot sit it as of right now

i did let them know multiple times. Still nothing. And not even trying to be overly negative, but that’s not the only issue. My game crashed 3 times yesterday in the middle of ranked right after the update… the hit detection felt like it had an eternity for a delay, almost every sesh was laggy af… the update pretty much magnified every issue I was already having with this game… and now I can’t even select the battle pass that I want to continue working on. I mean come on guys… I’m really starting to run out of reasons to justify grinding this game daily. It is literally ALWAYS a problem. I’m a 20yr Halo fan and I’m really at my wits end with this game now.

I also still can not switch back to an older battlepass. Sticks me on the Winter update only.

Same here, been playing for 2 hours and nothing. I want to ge t the achievement for completing a battle pass and Ive only purchased season 1 to unlock Emile. Please fix it.

its still not working for me. i cant switch back to season 2. dont get me wrong i like the winter stuff just want to get season 2 done first.

Same thing is happening to me sadly the battle passes won’t switch