Can't Turn Off Skull. Need help!

Hi everybody!

I have a problem with Halo: Combat Evolved. When I go to missions is says (1) at the Skulls Tab which means 1 skull is activated. But when I go to the Skull Section there isn’t any Skull turned on. So I started a random mission, hit the start button and found out that somehow the skull ‘Anger’ (Enemies Fire Their Weapons Faster and More Frequently) is activated.

Now the weird part is that the Skull ‘Anger’ isn’t even appearing in the Skull Tab in the main menu, it’s just not there.

Does anybody know how I can fix this? Is this a known bug?

Thanks a lot in advance guys and have a great day!

Ps, sorry for my English

Did you try a hard reset?

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> Did you try a hard reset?

Yep. I am stuck with this problem since December. Thought it would be fixed with an update. Trying to get the Halo: CE Achievements but this Bug makes it a whole lot harder…

hey, I figured out how to solve the issue but you would lose all the progress for that mission (R.I.P legendary run) but you just have to go quickstart.

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