Can't throw the flag? Why?

Seriously, you can’t drop the flag in this game? So if you have a power weapon the power weapon is automatically USELESS because it’s just given to the enemy team when you die. So if you want access to your power weapon you have to have a teammate kill you, and then pick up your weapon when you spawn? I don’t understand at all. I will not be playing CTF until this is fixed.

Can’t even change that in customs. Or 1 flag, or neutral flag. Or holding x to pick it up. Sometimes I don’t want to pick it up if my teammate dies but I do automatically. It’s annoying.

Your a spartan IV not Peyton manning

This is indeed ridiculous. No reason to change it from what it was and the new system is so much worse. Not being able to drop the flag is so, so wrong.

Well, on the bright side, at least the Flagnum is really fun.

> Your a spartan IV not Peyton manning

Spartan IV’s are probably more capable of throwing a flag than Mr. Peyton Manning ever will be.

New gameplay mechanic. If you have time to have a teammate kill you just to use a weapon, you have time to score. Its not something that’s going away. I do agree that they should fix it to where the flag doesn’t auto pick up. I mean the feature makes sense on a strategic level in oddball, but CTF, not so much.

I agree, it ruins the gametype when you have a rocket launcher and the other team gets to take it because you can’t drop the flag.